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Awesome Blog “Honestly…WTF”

September 16, 2011

I am currently blown away by the blog “Honestly…WTF”. The ladies who run this blog are amazing and have an unbelievable eye for all things fashionable, edgy, and obtainable. Their DIY (Do it yourself section) is beyond anything my little crafty brain could comprehend. Please check out the rest of my review under the Obsession tab above and YOU HAVE TO check out their blog:


Treat yourself today and check it out!

Ali Lohan Hates Becomes a Cyborg

September 15, 2011

The media is a flutter over 17 year old idiot Ali Lohan. Apparently she has started doing cocaine and screwed up her face for fame “modeling” and because of that has allowed her drug dealer “mom” to transform poor Ali into a creepy Cyborg. What’s hilarious to me is that many media outlets are allowing idiots “doctors” to explain that “Cyborg Lohan” is merely going through a plastic surgery phase growth spurt and this is completely natural. My only question is:


I am all for going through growth spurts, I am considered a “late bloomer” by many and wore overalls until I was 19 because I thought they were still “in”, but this looks to be the result of something much more then going through puberty:

(Photo via FabLife)

GROWING PAINS? PUBERTY? Come on society are we so dumb?? This change is night and day. I am not even going to waste my time poking fun, or stating the obvious because it’s just sad. This poor girl has gone from normal to nightmarish in the span of two years. I just hope girls following this idiotic family don’t feel compelled to live off lemon juice and cotton balls because they think this is what beauty is. Cyborg Lohan doesn’t even look like the dimwit she once was…she is lost in a shell (literally) of a body and I just hope that a Harveys Burger is in her future. No one is born with awesome boobs and then loses them when they get older…as well no one just naturally gets an inverted stomach after going through puberty…DOES NOT HAPPEN….

Ugh…remember when we loved Mad Men and curvy woman…let’s go back to that shall we…and for the love of pete stop acting like this girl is normal…if we saw her at the foot of our bed at night we would think the grim reaper was after us ( no offense I know she’s young but lets bite this problem in the bud no?).

Be well and eat !!



Kate Middleton Where Your Waist At?

August 25, 2011

Can someone please help Kate Middleton it appears she has lost her waist and has given up trying to find it. I don’t know where she lost it,  I think it was probably around the time she got engaged, but I think we can safely say that it’s about damn time that we found it for her. She is a princess for goodness sake and she is far too busy to look but we should ban together and do her this solid.

I mean I don’t live in the UK and am not familiar with Kate’s routine but I am determined to help her. It could be anywhere around the UK. Don’t worry Kate we won’t give up until we restore what is rightfully yours…

Now I have put together a last seen record of the waist


My guess is it might be in or around: Hot Saunas, gyms or any strip of land that would be great for running, I don’t think we should waste our time in Grocery Stores or Farmers Markets I doubt the Princess has the time nor the interest in places of that nature.

If anyone has any idea has to the whereabouts of Kate Middleton’s waist please contact  THE KNOW IT ALL or go directly to the Princess herself, I am sure she would be happy to have it back…one would hope.

Let’s band together guys. WE WONT GIVE UP KATE…You are too beautiful not have it.

God Save the Queen

Ryan Gosling loves Babies and Dogs

August 13, 2011

How can this man not know what he is doing to women??? Ryan Goslings actions as of late have completely transformed my idea of what a man can  and should be. I know this may be an odd post since I just slammed Jennifer Love Hewitt for being a sad lonely lady but allow me to swoon for this post without judgement.

Not only did Gosling bring his adorable pooch on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon:


the whole interview is here on  Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

But has released this photo of Ryan just casually feeding an adorable baby while on the set of his current film:

WINNING FORMULA photo | Ryan Gosling


Thanks Ryan!  how can I possibly date anyone else knowing that the perfect man exists???  Your adorable and sexy actions have caused me to watch countless YouTube clips that show images of you from the Notebook, working out, and feeding your dog pieces of apple that you have bit off for him while sensual music plays in the background that leave me out of breath and frantic! No one can come close and the pedestal I have built is to high so guess what?? We have to get married because you have ruined men for me…I hope you’re happy.

Meet me in Toronto for a smooch and bring your dog its the least you could do!


The Know It All

p.s. here is a hilarious fan video I found for Ryan Gosling…check it out

Always Take a Chance on FREE GLASSES!

August 7, 2011

If you wear glasses and have never heard of this site: then stop what you are doing and GO….I’ll wait….

If you are often tired of the same glasses day in and day out then I suggest you sign up for the  clearly contacts mailing list. They will email you amazing deals and of course you will be the first to know about their “Free Glasses Day”. As well, it should be noted that they give away FREE GLASSES on a pretty frequent basis; all you pay for is shipping; this also includes your prescription. I thought I would for sure be swindled because it just seemed to good to be true but I have lived to tell the tale my friends.

It all began on a sweaty and humid  Aug 2 morning…I opened my email to find a lovely message from yee ol Cleary Contacts stating that today was indeed the mythical “Free Glasses Day”. I jumped up and checked what was available and found my perfect hipster pair. They reminded me of what a 1980’s accountant would wear; huge, circular, the colour of tweed…what was a lady to do?  I purchased them and waited only 2 days for those pretty specs to arrive at my door step; thanks to the tubby man from Purolator. They were originally $60 (clearly contacts price was 60 the original was well over $100) and I got them for $13 (that was the price of shipping). I couldn’t wait to put them on and make the towns folk jealous of my delicious find… 

Look at those babies in all their glory… I will admit I have taken some flack for the purchase but I will flaunt them with confidence. They were $13 dollars for crying out loud why not have fun with it?

My mother does not understand why I seem to always choose “the largest frames available” but could you resist? They are wonderfully hilarious and I have to admit the amount of glass is really great. I will wear them with pride!

Mom and Dad I hope your proud!

…now where is my pocket protector

Where to Begin

August 6, 2011

NEW POSTS ARE UP at The Know it All.

New Post(s) for: Beauty, Fashion, Well-Being, Celebrity and our new page Obsessed (where I share my current obsessions)

We are talking: Glee, Kate Moss, Vintage Hair, New Fall Inspiration, Fashionistas on the Cheap, My Internet Obsession Gregory Gorgeous and of course honing that Frugalista within you. Check out the pages for the new articles and GET IN THE KNOW!

Welcome to The Know It All

August 3, 2011

Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

Welcome to “The Know It All“,  a Lifetsyle Blog covering beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and of course celebrity gossip. This is the best place to get your up-to-date information on whats happening in and around our fair land of “pop culture”.  You can follow The Know it All on twitter as well you can subscribe to the blog and receive updates to ensure you are always in the know.

So take some time and check out the site and let me know what you think. Talk soon.



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